Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Rooftops of Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a treasure trove of sites, smells, sounds, and people. As female travellers, my travel-buddy Maddy and I were nervous-ish about the difficulties posed for women visiting an Islamic country, but we were soon wandering around the souks like old pros with only the calls of "fish and chips" alluding to the locals taking notice of our shockingly pale skin.

One of the most surprising and picturesque aspects of Marrakesh is the rooftops, which form a sort of second city three or four stories above the ground. We spent most mornings up on the rooftop of our riad enjoying a mint tea and honey toast breakfast whilst watching the rooftops come alive with people hanging laundry, watering rooftop terraces, and chatting with neighbours. As the sun climbed higher it burnt all but the bluest blue out of the sky, bringing the encircling Atlas mountains sharply into focus by mid-morning.

When the sun retired back behind the mountains in the afternoon the changing light accented the red earthen brickwork of the rooftops, perfectly clarifying why Marrakesh is also known as Morocco's red city. Here are some of my favourite pics of this secret second city, hopefully they will encourage more people to roof-spot when they visit Marrakesh.


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